To watch the Life LEMA videos click on the images below (English subtitles).

“The Life LEMA project aims to provide a viable floating marine litter collection detection system. It involves local authorities and coastal communities in the Gipuzkoa region as well as the Iparralde Basque coast area.” – Beatriz Marticorena, TCG

“For public administrations, coastal communities are the first victims of marine litter. So, they must be involved to see what they can do, apart from cleaning up beaches, and how they can reduce the amount of waste that reaches aquatic environments.” – Cristina Barreau, SFE

“Fishermen involvement is truly important because their activity is affected by waste, but also beacuse they produce waste. Thanks to this project, we can raise awareness and get them involved in collection and fight against marine litter. It can also serve to diversify their activity.” – Cristina Barreau, SFE

“Data is essential to taking steps against marine litter. Obtaining new data is so important to better understanding marine litter and knowing how it reaches the water, which is the pollution source, as well as how it spreads once it reaches aquatic environments.” – Cristina Barreau, SFE

“Essentially, 80% of trash that comes from coastal rivers originates from human activities that are carried out on land. Apart from getting the word out about the project, Life LEMA is working to mitigate, control and prevent the problem of marine litter accumulating on the coast.” – Ernesto Villarino, SFE

“We want this project to be viable because we are interested in the project being replicated in other european places with the same problem.” – Beatriz Marticorena, TCG

“To end marine litter in the future, everyone needs to be involved, understanding that marine litter is waste, so we must avoid it by improving waste production and management on land.” – Cristina Barreau, SFE