Schoolchildren get to know the importance of caring for the sea

Small wooden boats of the project elaborated by Albaola Faktoria.

The European Maritime Day is celebrated on May 20 and aims to give visibility to the sea and spread its importance among European citizens.The Life LEMA team joined on Friday, May 19th, 2017 to this celebration, collaborating with the Gipuzkoan entities Untzi Museoa-Museo Naval, Aquarium of Donostia, Albaola Faktoria and Navegavela in an awareness-raising event with schoolchildren about the importance of our seas.

Among the different activities carried out during the day, participants from the San Patricio and Teresianas schools could get to know the Life LEMA project and paint in the Naval Museum some of the wooden boats that have been made in the framework of the project by Albaola Faktoria.

Lecture about the project to the schoolchildren of San Patricio and Teresianas School.


These boats that will be launched in the Bay of Biscay will provide information on the trajectories that run the marine litter to reach our shores.




Life Lema project