EU Open Day and Life LEMA

On May 4th, LifeLEMA Project along with LifeEuroTurtles were invited to be part of the EUOpenDays in Brussels in the Berlaymont building of the European Commission. We are very grateful for this invitation. It was an opportunity to share our work with a large diversity of participants who came visit.


Along with Life programme, EASME, DGClima, EUClimateAction, EU Environment and Energy for Europe we were at the 6th stand. It was an amazing day full of people (around 15.000 in the building) interested in our wooden boats and their purpose inside our project. Being aware of the these boats’ usefulness in our study of the path travelled by marine litter in the Bay of Biscay, people helped us decorate them for the next launching campaign. Besides painting them, they also wrote incredible messages to support our work toward clean oceans.

Thus, this Summer, we are going to release the boats from the EU Open Day in the Bay of Biscay. We will have to wait to see where they end up and who finds them. Stay tuned!