Expected results

  • Cancellation of 100 tons of marine litter on the coasts of the French and Spanish Pays Basque, in 3 years (duration of the project).


  • Replicas of these systems will be put in place in Mediterranean and Basque coasts to analyze the potential of distribution of the management tool in various countries (Marseille and Bilbao) and to increase total collection rates (55 tones/year for France and 35 tons/year for Spain).


  • Reduction by 10% of emissions of greenhouse gasses produced by the management of floating marine litter compared to the actual practices. Additionally to being technically improved to collect floating marine litter, the boats involved will be equipped with systems for fuel economy and increased energy efficiency.


  • Implementation of a system of smart tools that will detect marine litter and then collect it and apply those tools as a pilot test by local authorities involved in the project.


  • Reduction by 5% of the actual costs of collection of floating marine litter at seas or on the beaches. The tool system will include a management plan with an analysis of costs and benefits.


  • Training of involved boats’ staff and volunteer participants to the marine litter problematic, to the good practices and to the characterization of the waste for supporting the gathering of scientific data.


  • Life LEMA will create 4 new job positions that we hope will be continuous.


  • Definition of one protocol to implement the results of the project in another area. A management plan will be written in several languages. If necessary, technicians of the Life LEMA project will furnish information to implement an efficient system of waste collection.


  • Several sensitization actions will be put in place to spread the issue of marine litter and the good practices to diminish its effects. During the Science week that took place in November 2016 at San Sebastián’s Aquarium, citizens could discover about Life LEMA thanks to a workshop organized for children on the theme of marine litter’s fishing. Information on next meetings will be published of the social medias of the project.