Life LEMA project submits directives for a strategy of sustainable management of floating marine litter to local authorities, by offering smart tools for the management and collection of marine litter. The project also expects to replicate the service in the areas of Marseille and Bilbao.

Redes de recogida de basura marina LEMA

Life LEMA will:

  • Establish ocean-meteorological models to predict foating marine litter movement and accumulation hotspots that will facilitate its collection;
  • Develop an IT tool to integrate data about floating marine litter collecting methods and detection and forecasting models;
  • Draw up management plans for the prevention and reduction of floating marine litter;
  • Exhibit sustainable collection actions at sea which will reduce the carbon footprint of collection activities and provide an additional source of income for fishermen;
  • Install a floating barrier for floating marine litter collection in Deba;
  • Detect floating marine litter by using innovative technologies (HF radars, thermal cameras and aerial drones); and
  • Elaborate an European network on marine litter to ensure transferability of results.


Moreover, the project considers forming 3 working groups that will focus on the following themes: