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The research center Rivages Pro Tech (RPT), based in Bidart (France), is a technical and scientific expertise center belonging to the group SUEZ Eau France, specialized in management of marine environment, bathing waters and port areas. RPT develops and applies operational oceanographic technologies to support local authorities in managing coastal areas. 

RPT has a vast experience in managing, surveilling and predicting the quality of the water and works on incorporating new technologies in studies of the aquatic environment: intelligent surveillance and modelization, which include the management of floating marine litter thanks to digital models and satellites detection.

In Life LEMA, RPT will collaborate with AZTI in the development of modelization systems and will be responsible for the implementation of a marine litter detection and alerting system for extreme natural events. It will also be responsible for the surveillance of floating marine litter through airborne systems (drones).

To know more: https://www.toutsurmoneau.fr/