More than 5 kilos of floating marine litter “fished” on our first boat trip!

Life LEMA has collected more than 5 kilos and a half of marine litter in its first boat trip, mainly plastics, in addition to other unusual objects such as footwear and textiles. Fishing nets designed for this type of work and other auxiliary fishing gear such as salabardos were used for fishing floating marine litter.

Fishing net fishing marine litter.

This pilot test of the protocol designed for the project was carried out aboard the Mater Museoa in the area of ​​Getaria (Gipuzkoa), with the support of one of the entities involved in the Life LEMA advisory group, Mater Museoa. Several partners of the project have participated too.

For the characterization of marine litter, a first separation was carried out on the ship, according to what was natural elements and what was of the marine litter. After that, the marine litter was classified, quantified and weighed.

This information will feed the database that includes the historical data of collection of floating marine litter and the presence in the study area. In addition, it has allowed to test the first version of the harmonized marine litter fishing protocol created for the Life LEMA project.

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