We have already finished the 2019 OSPAR campaign!

Last october we finished the 2019 OSPAR campaign with great results. During this campaign, data has been gathered and a tracing has been done of all the collections in 3 different Guipuzcoan beaches in Mutriku (Burumendi), Zumaia (Inpernupe) and Donostia (Murgita). These results have been useful for the LifeLEMA data.

Furthermore, in Mutriku and Zumaia, we have involved the participation of two local schools (BHI Mutriku and Zumaiena) and entities (Nagusilan Mutriku). Thus, a short talk has been given before carrying out the collection, in order to inform and raise awareness about the global issue of marine litter.

The results we had were less worrying than other years, but still, we found a high amount of polystyrene of different sizes probably coming from sea fishing ships. Therefore, there is still so much to do according to this issue.