The last Newsletter, Newsletter number 6, is now available. It addresses the international prospects of LifeLEMA and how it contributed to the Ocean Pavilion and Ocean talks during the G7 in Biarritz, France. We would like to thank everybody for their contribution to our project.

Last little boats updates

As usual, we would like to update you with our latest wooden boats’ discoveries.  Ever since one of our boats ended up in the Canary Islands, we have been convinced that our project’s purposes are even bigger than expected.  Here are some pictures of the

Newsletter#5 is available!

We are pleased to publish the 5th on networking events and stakes. We are updating our readers with information on our diverse networking strategies and prospects. The paper also addresses the necessity of fishermen’s participation when it comes to fighting micro-plastics’ contamination with the exclusive interview of Nicolas SUSPERREGUI from

Latest wooden boats discovered

Life LEMA ensures a wide range of activities to collect substantial data for the project. One of them is the wooden boats that are launched into the sea from the project’s vessels  during campaigns, with the aim of learning more on the dynamics and currents on the coast of the


We are honored to publish the 4th Newsletter on marine litters’ monitoring tool.  We are updating our readers with information on our various monitoring tools on the rivers. The paper also addresses the necessity of a cross-boundary strategy when it comes to microplastics with the exclusive

LifeLEMA Closing event

On June 27th, LifeLEMA partners gathered at the Kursaal Center for a very important event.  Indeed,  it was time to share the final outcomes of their project with politicians, scientists, stakeholders and the public. It resulted in a great day for everybody as we could meet

EASME Monitoring Visit

On June 19th, Life LEMA partners had the monitoring visit of EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the EU) representatives whose goals were to assess the technical advancement of the project. This event was an opportunity to give a preview of LifeLEMA

LifeLEMA Closing event

REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN! We are honored to announce that our closing event will take place on June 27th in the Kursaal Congress Center San Sébastian. This event is free and open to the public. It is a great pleasure to invite everyone of you to

About our project

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